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SANA ALL: Nadine Lustre rumored to collab with Korean star Park Seo Joon



Nadine Lustre, an actress, is rumored to have a collaboration with an international Korean actor, Park Seo Joon, for a BYS Cosmetic company.

A Facebook netizen, April Lee Piala Delgado, shared photos of Nadine Lustre and Park Seo Joo, which already went viral with almost 6K reactions and 12K comments, spicing up the #NadineLustreXParkSeoJoon.

BYS Cosmetics is an international brand that is based in Melbourne, Australia, and Nadine has already been working for them as one of its endorsers. Allegedly, out of all the artists in the lineup, Nadine who didn’t even dare to join the line for the collaboration with Park Seo Joon would have the possibility to work with the said actor on a project.

“Pila pila pa kayo eh may nanalo na! HAHA nakita kulang guys,” April Lee wrote on her Facebook post.

As she has written, in the celebration for World’s Mental Health Day, the BYS Cosmetics and Nadine shot a blastoff with the #IAmLustrous campaign. Recently, the BYS company has announced that Park Seo Joon would join them as the Newest Face of BYS Cosmetics.

The fans of Nadine and Seo Joon were quick to spread the rumor as it already began to chant for the alleged collaboration project of the two.



Donito Nose, Ogie Diaz, and many more defends Super Tekla against the accusations



Just recently a comedian, Super Tekla, made rounds on social media after his live-in partner complained about the abuses she got from the said comedian. Super Tekla’s friend and coworker, Donita Nose, went to defend him.

Super Tekla is one of the comedians of GMA Network. He also has The Boobay and Tekla show with co-comedian Boobay, and is running a YouTube channel with his friend and co-comedian Donita Nose who also defends his side against the complaint.

In the uploaded photos of Donekla in Tandem Facebook page, Donita Nose could be seen visiting his tandem’s condominium unit in which Tekla’s live-in partner, Michelle Lhor Bana-ag, and her relatives once lived in. The condo unit was in a complete disarray: it is now stinky and is occupied with cobwebs, dust, and insects of different kinds.

Bana-ag reported and approached Raffy Tulfo In Action a few days ago, saying that Tekla was abusive. According to KAMI’s article, Tekla seemed to act like he’s feeling okay as his tandem asked about his condition in the middle of the controversy. Tekla was repeatedly bringing up the “move on” phrase, and he admitted that he felt devastated after the issue went viral on social media brought about by his own live-in partner.

As Donita pushed initiatives in cleaning the condominium unit, Tekla brought up that Bana-ag sold some of their furnitures and even left him the expenses. KAMI stated that apart from Donita Nose, Tekla’s sibling and Ogie Diaz stood with him against the accusations of Michelle Lhor Bana-ag.

In addition, Tekla’s first live-in partner for eight years also refuted the claims of Bana-ag, stating that she didn’t experience such dilemma from Tekla.

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